The Bible records the historic account of a woman who was brought before Jesus who was accused of adultery. There were many witnesses to the act. The witnesses were looking for Jesus to condemn her. Instead he stooped down, wrote in the sand and said: "he who is without sin cast the first stone"  when he looked up, all of those who accused her had left. Jesus said to her, " where are your accusers"? She replied there are none. Jesus replied to her saying, "neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more" 

Jesus the son of God has the power to forgive you of all sin and cleanse you from all the unrighteous deeds in you life. 

It all begins with a prayer. Ask Jesus to forgive you of any sin you may have committed and believe he will. 

Prayer is nothing more than a conversation between you and God. 

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Jesus Writing on the sand with his finge

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